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MAVR001330-1141 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF Varactor Tuning Diode
MFG Part Number: MAVR-001330-11410T
Single Diode Configuration: The MA4ST1300 series is a highly repeatable, UHCVD/ion-implanted, hyperabrupt silicon tuning varactor in a cost effective surface mount package. This series of varactors is designed for high capacitance ratio, and high Q for low battery voltage operation. It is efficient for wide band tuning and low phase noise application where the supply voltage is limited to 5 volts or less. The varactors are offered as singles in SC-79 and SOD-323 along with a common cathode version offered in the SC-70, 3 Lead. These diodes are offered with standard Sn/Pb plating, as well as 100% matte Sn plating on our RoHS compliant equivalent devices.
Key AttributesValue
Diode ConfigurationSingle Diode
Quality Factor, Q530
Total Capacitance, CT25 pF
Capacitance Ratio CVlow/CVhigh3.31
Vbr (Abs. MAX. Reverse Voltage)12 VDC
Package TypeSOD-323
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