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MA144769-287 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF Multiplier Diode
MFG Part Number: MA144769-287
The MA44700 series of Step Recovery diodes is designed for use in low power multipliers with output frequencies of up to 5 GHz. These Step Recovery diodes generate harmonics by storing a charge as the diode is driven to forward conductance by the positive voltage of the input signal. When the signal reverses polarity, this charge is extracted. The Step Recovery diode will appear as a low impedance current source until all the charge is extracted, then it will ""snap"" to a higher impedance. This causes a voltage pulse to form in the impulse circuit of the multiplier. Step Recovery diodes make excellent high order multipliers such as comb generators. They are also useful as efficient moderate power X2-X4 multipliers.
Key AttributesValue
Input Frequency Range : Input Minimum Frequency100 MHz
Input Frequency Range : Input Maximum Frequency1000 MHz
Output Frequency Range : Output Minimum Frequency1000 MHz
Output Frequency Range : Output Maximum Frequency5000 MHz
Total Capacitance1.2 pF
Vr (Reverse Voltage)30 VDC
Package TypeSOT-23
QuantityUnit Price
1 - 24
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