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MA47208-114 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF PIN Diode
MFG Part Number: MA47208
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Single Diode Configuration: This series of M/ACOM semiconductor products is hermetically sealed strip-line package PIN diode designed to drop into a 50 ohm strip-line circuit without external matching. The MA47200 series can be used as SPST reflective switches and are useful in applications from VHF through X Band. Several modules are provided with different power and switching speed capability. This series of strip-line switch modules consist of shunt mounted passivated PIN diodes in hermetic strip-line packages. These modules are optimized for 50 ohm micro-strip and strip-line circuits. The MA47200 series modules may be operated as a switch by applying the appropriate forward and reverse DC excitation. They can also be used as attenuators by varying the forward DC current.
Key AttributesValue
Diode ConfigurationSingle Diode
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency1 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1000 MHz
Vr (Reverse Voltage)1000 VDC
Total Capacitance1.3 pF
Rs (Series Resistance)0.3 Ω
Package TypeODS-114
Mounting Style
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This product is available in the following countries:
  • Global; Americas and Europe only for optical and SDI-Video products