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Broadband/CATV (75 Ohm) Line Amplifier
MFG Part Number: ACA0862DRS7P2
The ACA0862 family of surface mount monolithic GaAs RF Linear Amplifiers has been developed to replace, in new designs, the standard CATV Hybrid amplifiers currently in use. The ACA0862 can also replace the ACA0861 with the addition of tuning capacitors to the output. The MMICs consist of two parallel amplifiers, each with 12 dB gain. The Amplifiers are optimized for exceptionally low distortion and noise figure while providing flat gain and excellent input and output return loss. The ACA0862B and ACA0862D are optimized for different output powers, and can be used separately or cascaded to support a variety of applications. A Hybrid equivalent is formed when two ACA0862 devices are cascaded between transmission line baluns. For low gain applications a single ACA0862 can be used, for higher gain applications more than two can be cascaded.
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