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MAAM-007501-CA2 MACOM Technology Solutions
Gain Block
MFG Part Number: MAAM-007501-CA2002
MACOM designs, manufactures, and supports a wide variety of amplifiers for RF, microwave, and millimeter wave applications. We make broadband amplifiers, driver amplifiers, gain blocks, low noise amplifiers, and power amplifiers. Product families cover frequency ranges from 40 KHz to 40 GHz. The company uses a variety of semiconductor processes such as GaAs MESFET for linearity, pHEMT for power and low noise, and HBT for linearity and high gain. Additionally, our 50 to 1100 MHz cable band amplifiers exhibit best-in-class composite linearity performance. Our amplifiers are used in a variety of commercial and aerospace and defense applications.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency20 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency2700 MHz
Gain11.5 dB
Gain Flatness±0.4 dB
Noise Figure2.5 dB
P1dB27 dBm
Output IP340 dBm
Package TypeSMA Connectors
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