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CDV16FF102JO3F Cornell Dubilier
Mica Capacitor
MFG Part Number: CDV16FF102JO3F
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Ideal for snubber and RF applications, CDV16 mica capacitors now handle dV/dts up to 275,000 V/µs and they assure controlled, resonance-free performance through 1 GHz. CDV16/CD16 mica capacitors excel in both snubber applications and high-frequency applications like RF and CATV. Type CDV16's high pulse current capability make them ideal for pulse and snubber applications. CDV16 capacitors withstand an unlimited number of pulses with a dV/dt of 275,000 V/µs. This is a 20% increase in dV/dt capability when compared to our CDV19 mica capacitors and CDV16's are smaller too. CDV16 capacitors handle higher peak currents - up to 825 amps. They also handle high continuous RMS current at 5 MHz and up to 30 MHz. For example, a 470 pF CDV16 capacitor handles 6.2 A rms continuously at 13.56 MHz and it is 1/4 the cost of a comparable porcelain ceramic capacitor. In addition to being great for snubbers, CDV16 is a fit for your RF applications. Their compact size and closer lead spacing improves insertion loss performance - insertion loss data is flat within +/-0.2 dB, typically to beyond a gigahertz.
Key AttributesValue
Package TypeRadial Dipped
Rated Voltage1000 VDC
Capacitance1000 pF
Capacitance Tolerance (±)5%
Operating Temperature Range : Minimum Operating Temperature-55 ºC
Operating Temperature Range : Maximum Operating Temperature125 ºC
Peak RMS Voltage
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