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EMC48S50-02 Teledyne Relays
Solid State Relay
MFG Part Number: EMC48S50-02
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The Series EMC can be used as an alternative to costly and relatively big variable speed controllers in applications such as pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors. Its six-thyristor structure, working like a full-wave phase angle controller (both positive and negative cycles are controlled), reduces the induction motor starting current as well as the motor starting torque. The reduction in motor starting current improves the efficiency of the power used. It also avoids voltage fluctuations that lead to ambient light variations or flicker. The Series EMC fits existing applications without any modification of the wiring field configuration. Thus it can replace an electromechanical star-delta starter without changing the motor coupling. The EMC may be implemented like a standard three-phase electromechanical contactor for induction motors. Furthermore, its ability to be installed inside the delta wiring allows the Series EMC to drive 1.73 times more current than a standard online softstarter. The Series EMC features diagnostic and self-test functions to assist with machine maintenance, reduce costs, and delays of restarting equipment.
Key AttributesValue
Input TypeDC
Operating Line Voltage24 VDC
Output TypeAC/DC
Maximum Load (Output) Current1 A
Maximum Load (Output) Voltage28 V
Input/Output Isolation Voltage
Output DeviceThyristor
Mounting StyleSurface Mount
Switching Type
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