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MC13212 NXP Semiconductors
Zigbee Module
MFG Part Number: MC13212
The MC1321x family is Freescale’s second-generation ZigBee platform which incorporates a low power 2.4 GHz radio frequency transceiver and an 8-bit microcontroller into a single 9x9x1 mm 71-pin LGA package. The MC1321x solution can be used for wireless applications from simple proprietary point-to-point connectivity to a complete ZigBee mesh network. The combination of the radio and a microcontroller in a small footprint package allows for a cost-effective solution. The MC1321x contains an RF transceiver which is an 802.15.4 Standard compliant radio that operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band. The transceiver includes a low noise amplifier, 1mW nominal output power, PA with internal voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), integrated transmit/receive switch, on-board power supply regulation, and full spread-spectrum encoding and decoding. The MC1321x also contains a microcontroller based on the HCS08 Family of Microcontroller Units (MCU), specifically the HCS08 Version A, and can provide up to 60KB of flash memory and 4KB of RAM. The onboard MCU allows the communications stack and also the application to reside on the same system-in-package (SIP). Applications include, but are not limited to, the following: Residential and commercial automation: Lighting control, Security, Access control, Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), Automated meter reading (AMR). Industrial Control: Asset tracking and monitoring, Homeland security, Process management, Environmental monitoring and control, HVAC, Automated meter reading. Health Care: Patient monitoring, Fitness monitoring. Consumer: Human interface devices (keyboard, mice, etc.), Remote control, Wireless toys. The MC13212 contains 32K of flash and 2KB of RAM and is intended for use with the Freescale fully compliant 802.15.4 MAC. Custom networks based on the 802.15.4 Standard MAC can be implemented to fit user needs. The 802.15.4 Standard supports star, mesh and cluster tree topologies as well as beaconed networks.
Key AttributesValue
Receive Sensitivity-92 dBm
Transmit Power27 dBm
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