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MA4E1339A1-287 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF Schottky Diode
MFG Part Number: MA4E1339A1-287
Single Diode Configuration: The MA4E1339 series is a silicon medium barrier Schottky diode suitable for use in mixer, detector and limiter circuits. These diodes are also usable in anti-parallel, shunt power surge protection circuits for 50? and 75? systems. These parts are offered with Sn/Pb plating, as well as with 100% matte Sn plating on the RoHS compliant part numbers. The MA4E1339 Series of Schottky diodes is available in the SOT-23 (case style 287), SOT-143 (case style 1068), SOT-323 (case style 1146), SOD 323 (case style 1141) and the SC-79 (case style 1279). These packages are supplied on tape and reel for automatic pick and place assembly and for surface mount placement to circuit boards, as indicated by a ""T"" to the P/N suffix. These Silicon Medium Barrier, 20 V Schottky Diodes are Useful in Detector, Limiter, Mixer, and Surge Protection Applications for Operating Frequency Bands from D.C. through 6 GHz.
Key AttributesValue
Diode ConfigurationSingle Diode
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency0 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency6000 MHz
Junction Capacitance1 pF
Total Capacitance1.2 pF
Rs (Series Resistance)
Package TypeSOT-23
QuantityUnit Price
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