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XM1003-V MACOM Technology Solutions
RF Mixer
MFG Part Number: XM1003-BD-000V
Mimix Broadband's 32.0-42.0 GHz GaAs MMIC sub-harmonic image reject mixer can be used as an up or down-converter. The device has a conversion loss of 9.0 dB with 18.0 dB image rejection across the band. I and Q mixer outputs are provided and an external 90 degree hybrid is required to select the desired sideband. This MMIC uses Mimix Broadband's GaAs HBT device model technology, and is based upon electron beam lithography to ensure high repeatability and uniformity. The chip has surface passivation to protect and provide a rugged part with backside via holes and gold metallization to allow either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process. This device is well suited for Millimeter-wave Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.
Key AttributesValue
TechnologyImage Rejection
Frequency Range RF : Minimum Frequency32000 MHz
Frequency Range RF : Maximum Frequency42000 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Minimum Frequency15000 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Maximum Frequency23000 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Minimum Frequency0 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Maximum Frequency4000 MHz
LO Drive Level12 dBm
Conversion Loss9 dB
Isolation LO-RF-40 dB
Isolation LO-IF
Isolation RF-IF
Input IP314 dBm
Package TypeDie
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