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PM2111G Pacific Monolithics
RF & MW Power Amplifier
MFG Part Number: PM2111G
The PM2111 is a two stage high-efficiency GaAs FET RFIC power amplifier designed for wireless applications with 850 MHz to 1650 MHz center frequencies, where greater than 50 MHz bandwidths are achieved using external matching components. In a single supply mode both stages of the PM2111 are inherently biased for (saturated) Class A operation and the current will remain constant, or increase slightly under input power back-off. By applying a negative voltage to VGG2 a more linear, class AB operation is possible, reducing current consumption when in an idle or backed-off input power mode. Using the PM2111 in this Class AB mode has an advantage over traditional deep depletion mode devices since it does not require two negative supply voltage or sequencing circuits for safe and proper operation.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency800 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1675 MHz
Gain29 dB
Gain Flatness
Efficiency50 %
Supply Voltage5 VDC
P1dB29.5 dBm
Psat1.26 W
Package TypeSO-8
QuantityUnit Price

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