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MCM01-009D070DF Cornell Dubilier
RF/Microwave Capacitor
MFG Part Number: MCM01-009D070DF
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Types MCM and MIN SMT clad PTFE and mica capacitors are top performers for high power applications requiring low inductance at high frequencies and can operate at temperatures up to 200 °C and voltages to 1000 Vdc. Choosing from 16 different configurations offers easy mounting with options for surface mount as well as through-hole and mechanical assembly. To assure high current capability in the smallest capacitors, low-capacitance ratings use polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) that has ultra-low dielectric absorption - better than polypropylene, polystyrene and NPO ceramic.
Key AttributesValue
Package TypeSMT
Working Volt DC WVDC500 VDC
Capacitance7 pF
Capacitance Tolerance (±)0.5pF
Operating Temperature Range : Minimum Operating Temperature-55 ºC
Operating Temperature Range : Maximum Operating Temperature200 ºC
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