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APT50GS60BRG Microsemi
Power IGBT Transistor
MFG Part Number: APT50GS60BRG
The Thunderbolt HS™ series is based on thin wafer non-punch through (NPT) technology similar to the Thunderbolt® series, but trades higher Vce(ON) for significantly lower turn-on energy Eoff. The low switching losses enable operation at switching frequencies over 100kHz, approaching Power MOSFET performance but lower cost. An extremely tight parameter distribution combined with a positive Vce(ON) temperature coefficient make it easy to parallel Thunderbolts HS™ IGBT's. Controlled slew rates result in very good noise and oscillation immunity and low EMI. The short circuit duration rating of 10µs make these IGBT's suitable for motor drive and inverter applications. Reliability is further enhanced by avalanche energy ruggedness. Combi versions are packaged with a high speed, soft recovery DQ series diode.
Key AttributesValue
Voltage600 V
Current50 A
Package TypeTO-247
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