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CHV2270-98F/00 United Monolithic Semiconductors
Oscillator VCO
MFG Part Number: CHV2270-98F
The CHV2270 is a multifunction for frequency generation. It integrates a C-band balanced voltage controlled oscillator providing a Kuband output (2nd harmonic), with different modulation slopes control and other functions like linearity improvement device making it suitable for radar modulations. It also includes a dual rank prescaler, an adjustable medium power amplifier and a temperature sensor. The VCO is fully integrated on HBT process. On chip base-collector diodes are used as varactors. All the active devices are internally self biased to ease bias configuration. This chip is compatible with automatic equipment for assembly. The circuit is manufactured on HBT process 2µm emitter length, via holes through the substrate and high Q passive elements. It is available in chip form.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency12650 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency12850 MHz
Phase Noise @ ~ offset (dBc/Hz)-100 dBc/Hz
Tuning Sensitivity375 MHz/V
Tuning Voltage4.5 VDC
Output Power5 dBm
Vd (Device Voltage)4.5 VDC
Id (Device Current)150 mA
Package TypeChip
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