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106927 Maxwell Technologies
Ultracapacitor Integration Kit
MFG Part Number: 106927
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This Maxwell Ultracapacitor Integration Kit is compatible with the following BOOSTCAP® Ultracapacitors: BCAP3000, BCAP2000, BCAP1500, BCAP1200 and BCAP650. The kit helps to simplify design and assembly of multiple ultracapacitors connected together in series (usually 2, 4, or 6 ultracapacitors). It helps to maximize system lifetime by protecting individual cells against over-voltage conditions (during rated system use). The Maxwell Technologies cell balance boards are designed to limit any over-voltage of the individual capacitors during proper rated system use. The circuit is capable of providing up to 300mA of current to reduce over-voltage on cells. When cells are balanced, the circuit draws less than 50µA (approximately 1% of the typical leakage current of a 3000 F cell), so there is no need to externally control the circuit.

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