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MADR-008888-TR MACOM Technology Solutions
Bias Driver
MFG Part Number: MADR-008888-000100
MACOM’s MADR-008888-000100 Switch Driver is designed to work with MACOM switch MASW-000823-12770T or other series / series switches. This driver is design to provide currents up to 50 mA for each diode in series / series switches. It is designed for SPDT switches that operate with a power range of approximately 5 - 20W CW. The driver is packaged in a Land Grid Array surface mount package and is available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications. The MADR-008888-000100 driver is ideally suited for driving MACOM’s line of HMIC switches. Note that this driver will also operate when VDD is set to voltages other than +28V. It could also operate at +12V, +15V, +20V, and +24V supplies.
Key AttributesValue
DC Supply Voltage 15 VDC
DC Supply Voltage 228 VDC
Rise Time / Fall Time300 ns
Package TypeLGA
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