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SKT340/16E Semikron
SCR - Phase Control Thyristor
MFG Part Number: SKT340/16E
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Line Thyristor|•Hermetic metal case with ceramic insulator|•Capsule package for double sided cooling|•Shallow design with single sided cooling|•International standard case|•Off-state and reverse voltages up to 1800 V|Typical Applications:|•DC motor control (e.g for machine tools)|•Controlled rectifiers (e.g for battery charging)|•AC controllers (e.g for temperature control)|•Recommended snubber network e.g for Vvrms ≤ 400 V: R = 33 Ω/32 W, C = 0.47 µF
Key AttributesValue
Voltage1600 V
Current700 A
Package TypeCapsule; Case B8
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