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USBSPYDER08 Freescale Semiconductor
Microcontroller - Development Tool
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The USBSPYDER08 Discovery Kit is a USB-based in-circuit debugger specific for Freescale MC9RS08KA, MC9S08QD and MC9S08QG microcontrollers. USBSPYDER08 comes with a MC9RS08QG4 microcontroller mounted on its 8-pin socket. Thanks to the built-in BDM connector, USBSPYDER08 is able to debug external MC9RS08KA, MC9S08QD and MC9S08QG devices in any package. USBSPYDER08 takes advantage of the CodeWarrior Development Studio Special Edition (which groups an Editor, Assembler, C Compiler and Debugger) and the Freescale BDM interface, which allows the download and debug of the user application into the target microcontroller's Flash memory. Together with CodeWarrior, USBSPYDER08 provides you with everything you need to write, compile, download, in-circuit emulate and debug user code. Full-speed program execution allows you to perform hardware and software testing in real time.
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