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1204-4000 SV Microwave
RF Coaxial Cable Mount Connector
MFG Part Number: 1204-4000
SMP Coaxial Cable Connector for Semi-Rigid Cable (0.085). SV Microwave offers a complete line of SMP bullet connectors at high frequencies up to DC to 40 GHz. The SMP bullet connector was developed to meet the need for a smaller high frequency compact design that incorporated ease of use and functionality. The SMP bullet connector is the heart of this unique design. The bullet is designed to allow the joining of two RF Modules by captivating the bullet between the two shrouds. This mounting method allows for higher density of connectors and by design the SMP bullet connector allows for misalignment to compensate for tolerance stack up. With significant withdrawal forces on the full detent shroud the SMP connector has become a standard for quick and effective interconnects using both semi-rigid and flexible cables. The Push-on design allows the installer to mate connectors without the need for threads or wrenches. Today's industry requires both innovation and flexibility, and the SMP bullet connector meets that challenge. The SMP bullet connector is designed to conform to DSCC 94007, 94008 and MIL-STD-348, and therefore is intermatable to other industry connectors such us the GPO®.
Key AttributesValue
StyleStraight Cable
Cable TypeSemi-Rigid
Attachment MethodSolder
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