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SEMIX341D16S Semikron
Power IGBT Transistor
MFG Part Number: SEMIX341D16S
SEMiX® offers users a high degree of flexibility in system configuration. Inverters, for instance, can be constructed either with compact sixpacks (SEMiX® 13/33c) or with thermally decoupled half bridges in the same family of housings. This can result in a better thermal spreading effect that can reduce the external thermal resistance by up to 20 %, thus making it possible to increase the current by up to 15 % or reduce the chip temperature by 15...20 K. If these advantages are not made use of, less complex heat sink designs than those in sixpacks are possible.
Key AttributesValue
ConfigurationBridge Rectifier
Voltage1600 V
Current340 A
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  • Founded in 1951, German-based Semikron is a family enterprise that employs...
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