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START499ETR STMicroelectronics
RF Small Signal Transistor Bipolar/HBT
MFG Part Number: START499ETR
START499ETR is a product of the START Family that provide the market with a Si state-of-art RF process. Manufactured in ST 3rd generation bipolar process, START499ETR offers the highest power, gain and efficiency in SOT-343 for given breakdown voltage (BVceo). START499ETR is suitable for a wide range of applications up to 5 GHz, and START499ETR shows a performance level achieved before with GaAs products only.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency5000 MHz
Gain15 dB
Noise Figure3.3 dB
P1dB23.4 dBm
Output IP333.5 dBm
Vd (Device Voltage)3 VDC
Thermal Resistance150 °C/W
Package TypeSOT-343
Other AttributesValue
Test signalCW
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