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M3500DB4-H03A Bonitron
Dynamic Brake
MFG Part Number: M3500DB4-H03A
Servo Braking Modules. The M3500DB and M3500DB4 Dynamic Safety Brake modules are compatible with any Servo system and are designed for use in conjunction with regenerative braking for E-Stop applications. These modules enhance system performance and safety by providing resistive braking control for emergency stop applications when regenerative braking fails. They Dynamic Safety Brake will satisfy three basic functions: • The need to physically isolate one motor from its drive on a very frequent basis so that the Axis module is in a safe condition for an operator to intervene in a process. The System module and other Servo modules remain live, • To act as a back-up brake in E-Stop situations where an operator has tripped a light curtain or other safety interlock device, • To act as a back-up brake to slow a Servo in case of power loss or malfunction which prevents the use of regenerative braking in an emergency stop situation.
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TypeDynamic Brake
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