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M3575T-L60 Bonitron
Overvoltage Braking Transistor
MFG Part Number: M3575T-L60
Standard Duty Braking Transistor Modules. Overvoltage Solutions for AC Drives. Dynamic Braking Transistor and Dynamic Braking Resistor Modules are used with AC drives to dissipate regenerated energy and eliminate overvoltage faults. These modules permit controlled braking of the AC drive, dramatically shorten the time required for a motor to stop as opposed to coasting. Bonitron M3575T Standard Duty Braking Transistors can be used to increase productive throughput by decreasing stopping time and are designed to be used with all drives with DC bus field terminals. The M3575T Braking Transistor Modules monitor the drive DC bus levels and control power to a resistive load dissipating regenerated energy. Standard modules are available rated up to 600 Amps DC with Braking Duty Cycles up to 20%.
Key AttributesValue
Operating Voltage Range : Minimum Operating Voltage
Operating Voltage Range : Maximum Operating Voltage
Peak Braking Power
Peak Braking Current
Load Resistance
Other AttributesValue
Current60 A
Voltage240 V
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