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M3464-H08-F9-L3 Bonitron
Industrial Power Filter
MFG Part Number: M3464-H08-F9-L3
PWM to Sine Wave Filter Module. Undervoltage Solutions for AC Drives. There are many industry applications that utilize low horsepower, IGBT type, PWM Drives. Newer versions of these PWM drives typically have very fast transistor rise times and high carrier frequencies. When used with motors that have moderate to long cable lengths, high voltages caused by reflected waves might be present. Users of these drives may experience problems with their systems such as: • Premature motor winding failures, • Premature motor bearing failures, • Cable insulation failures, • Drive ground fault problems, • Noise interference in analog signal transducers, • Noise interference in RF communication systems. One way to alleviate these problems is to use filtering. Bonitron manufactures PWM to Sine Wave Filter Modules for use with low horsepower, IGBT, PWM drives. The M3464 series is available for use with PWM drives rated up to 575 VAC. Multiple boards can be combined in parallel configurations to achieve higher motor current ratings as needed.
Key AttributesValue
Filter Type
Voltage460 V
Current Rating8 A
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