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M3345D-60P4 Bonitron
Switching Regulator Module
MFG Part Number: M3345D-60P4
Line Regen Modules. Overvoltage Solutions for AC Drives. M3345 Line Regen Modules are used with AC Drives to eliminate overvoltage faults. Bonitron's M3345 Line Regen is used in systems with extended braking times or frequent regeneration, and makes any VFD more energy efficient during braking. It is used to aid in: • Stopping high inertia loads such as saws, fans and centrifuges, • Eccentric loads such as slicers, punch presses, stamping operations, tumblers and dryers, • High duty cycle loads such as machine tools, stackers, and pick and place systems.
Key AttributesValue
Output Current
Input Voltage Range : Minimum Input Voltage
Input Voltage Range : Maximum Input Voltage
Maximum Load (Output) Voltage
Other AttributesValue
Current240 A
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