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SEMIX453GD176HX Semikron
Power IGBT Transistor
MFG Part Number: SEMIX453GD176HDC
SEMiX® offers users a high degree of flexibility in system configuration. Inverters, for instance, can be constructed either with compact sixpacks (SEMiX® 13/33c) or with thermally decoupled half bridges in the same family of housings. This can result in a better thermal spreading effect that can reduce the external thermal resistance by up to 20 %, thus making it possible to increase the current by up to 15 % or reduce the chip temperature by 15...20 K. If these advantages are not made use of, less complex heat sink designs than those in sixpacks are possible.
Key AttributesValue
Voltage1700 V
Current45 A
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  • Founded in 1951, German-based Semikron is a family enterprise that employs...
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