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SL1300 Sarantel
Antenna Unit
MFG Part Number: SL1300
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The SL1300 antenna is balanced. This isolates it from the device and enables the antenna to reject common mode noise resident on the device ground plane. The construction and materials of the antenna constrain its near-fi eld to a very small volume, therefore materials near the antenna have negligible de-tuning effects. The SL1300 is 50% smaller than SL1200(P2) and ideal for embedded applications. The GPS performance of the SL1300 antenna is significantly enhanced when integrated appropriately into the customer’s product. The antenna does not require a sleeve to de-tune it to GPS frequency.

Note: Sarantel, Ltd has ceased operations. For an alternative source, click here to view the complete range of antennas from Maxtena

* Not Recommended for new designs.  Please use SL1350 instead

* Evlaluation Board available - SL1300SKK.

Key AttributesValue
TypeQuadrifilar Helix
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency1573.42 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1577.42 MHz
PolarizationRight Hand Circular Polarized
Peak Gain-5 dBi
Dimensions12mm L x 7.5mm W
VSWR (~:1)2:1
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