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AH22STRG Qorvo
Broadband/CATV (75 Ohm) Misc. Amplifier
MFG Part Number: 1066866
The AH22S is a high dynamic range amplifier targeting cable TV markets. The combination of gain flatness, high linearity, and bandwidth makes it ideal for CATV distribution, cable modem, and laser diode driver applications. The device uses two matched devices and is ideal for operation in a push-pull configuration to achieve high second order linearity. A mature and reliable GaAs MESFET technology is employed to maximize linearity at low power dissipation. The dual amplifier is housed in an industry standard surface-mount SOIC-8 package with all devices being 100% RF and dc tested. This device is available in a lead-free/green/RoHS-compliant package with NiPdAu plating material on the leads. It is compatible with both lead-free and lead soldering processes.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency50 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1000 MHz
Gain11.1 dB
Noise Figure4.6 dB
Output IP345 dBm
Output IP277 dBm
CTB-74 dBc
CSO-86 dBc
Package TypeSOIC
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