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APTGF50VDA120TX Microsemi
Power IGBT Transistor
MFG Part Number: APTGF50VDA120T3G
Dual Boost Chopper, NPT IGBT Power Module. Application: AC and DC motor control, Switched Mode Power Supplies, Power Factor Correction (PFC), Interleaved PFC. Features: Non Punch Through (NPT) Fast IGBT (Low voltage drop, Low tail current, Switching frequency up to 50 kHz, Soft recovery parallel diodes, Low diode VF, Low leakage current, RBSOA and SCSOA rated, Symmetrical design), Kelvin emitter for easy drive, Very low stray inductance, High level of integration, Internal thermistor for temperature monitoring. Benefits: Outstanding performance at high frequency operation, Direct mounting to heatsink (isolated package), Low junction to case thermal resistance, Solderable terminals both for power and signal for easy PCB mounting, Low profile, Easy paralleling due to positive TC and VCEsat, Each leg can be easily paralleled to achieve a single boost of twice the current capability, RoHS compliant.
Key AttributesValue
ConfigurationDual Boost Chopper
Voltage1200 V
Current50 A
Package TypeSP3
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