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PFCHV48D10S842T Cornell Dubilier
Film Capacitor
MFG Part Number: PFCHV48D10S842T
These are 3-phase Power Factor Correction capacitors, so each capacitor is actually 3 capacitors in one package (one for each phase). Type PFC capacitors are constructed with low loss self healing metallized polypropylene, delta connected internally for 3-phase operation and packaged in a cylindrical metal case with an easy access terminal with built-in-bleeder resistors. Type PFC is safety protected with an internal pressure interrupter that disengages all 3 phases in the event of capacitor overload or end of life.

These capacitors are used for Automatic PFC (Power Factor Correction) equipment, Wind Turbine applications, Individual and group fixed PFC, tuned and detuned capacitor banks, and power line conditioning.

All PFC series capacitors come with an M12 stud mount.

The terminal block connector is rated at 60 Arms. It is also finger safe (electrically isolated) and contains integral discharge resistors (which can be replaced if necessary).

Key AttributesValue
Package Type
Rated Voltage480 V
Capacitance38.4 µF
Tolerance-0%, +10 %
Operating Temperature Range : Minimum Operating Temperature-40 ºC
Operating Temperature Range : Maximum Operating Temperature55 ºC
ESR0.003 Ω
Ripple Current54 A
Maximum RMS Voltage528 Vrms
Maximum RMS Current
Lead Pitch
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