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Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver

Power Semiconductor Plug-and-Play IGBT Drivers are designed to drive a certain, specific IGBTs. In this category you can find Plug-and-Play IGBT Drivers suitable for use with specific IGBTs from several major IGBT suppliers, including: ABB, Dynex, Fuji, Hitachi, Infineon, Mitsubishi, Powerex and Toshiba.

System-level applications for Plug-and-Play IGBT Drivers include all of the typical applications for IGBTs, including Traction Drive systems, Wind Power Inverters, Solar Power Inverters, Three-Level Inverters (TLI), Industrial Drives, Welding, and UPS. Richardson RFPD carries Plug-and-Play IGBT Drivers capable of driving medium and high-power IGBTs with reverse voltages specified from 600V to 6500V.

Note again that a given Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver is indeed matched to a very specific IGBT. For this reason, the only attributes which are important in selecting the right CT-Concept Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver for your application are: 1. IGBT Part Number; and, 2. IGBT Supplier.

Our website includes a robust selection of Plug-and-Play IGBT Drivers from our supplier Power Integrations. Custom solutions are also available.

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