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Battery Chargers
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Richardson RFPD distributes the power electronic components and sub-systems needed to optimize designs for Electric Vehicle (EV) and Industrial Battery Charger systems. Our power conversion application engineers help select all of the key active and passive components needed to best fit your EV and industrial battery charger design requirements. Key component categories for battery charger designs include, but are not limited to: filter capacitors; power factor correction (PFC) capacitors; DC link capacitors; snubber capacitors; current/voltage transducers (sensors); heatsinks; diodes/rectifiers; MOSFETs; IGBTs; power resistors; and plug-and-play and custom gate drivers.

In addition to being a leading global distributor, we provide design assistance for EV and industrial battery charger systems. Our energy management and power conversion engineering team has over thirty years experience with inverter designs, in addition to over twenty years experience with both single-phase and 3-phase power supply designs.

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