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Broadband/CATV represents one of the most successful home subscription services ever deployed. What began as an alternative to broadcast TV, meant to bring analog television service to remote areas, has evolved into a two-way, user-controlled, on-demand system. Today’s Broadband/CATV systems may include some or all the following capabilities:
  • Improved television Quality of Service (QOS) - both analog and digital
  • High speed internet access via cable modem
  • Interactive TV
  • Access to Hi-Definition TV (HDTV)
  • On-demand movies
  • Phone service (mainly Voice Over Internet Protocol – VOIP)
  • Home networking

Richardson RFPD offers a wide range of products that are ideal for Broadband/CATV infrastructure and customer equipment, including line amplifiers, drop amplifiers, and reverse amplifiers, switches, splitters, attenuators, filters, diplexers and data converters. For more details on the products available to meet your Broadband/CATV needs, please select from the appropriate categories below. For other inquiries, or for design assistance, please Contact Us.

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