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Motor Drives
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Our Power Conversion engineering team has more than twenty years of experience with all types of motor drives. Depending on the power level required, these drive systems can be designed using large, integrated power modules, or can be based on discrete components. We supply virtually every component or sub-system needed for your drive circuit design.

We can assist your Motor Drive design team with:
  • Component Selection
    Our engineers can help you select the right components for you design, including capacitors, heat sinks, power semiconductors, ultracapacitors, resistors and integrated AC-DC and DC-DC converter modules. Interested in SiC components? Let us help you find the right part from our extensive selection of SiC discrete and module products.
  • Design Review
    Working together, we can review your design goals, provide specific design assistance, and even suggest design alternatives to help you meet those design goals easily and quickly.
  • Turnkey Design
       We also have the ability to provide complete design services for your specific motor drive circuit design project.

Please contact us here for design support regarding your specific Motor Drive application.

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