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Plasma RF Generator
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Richardson RFPD provides components and design support to produce the RF signal needed for a plasma processing system and the amplification of that signal to the needed plasma application level. We offer both discrete and integrated RF semiconductor products, including transistors, power amplifiers, digital attenuators, and pallet amplifiers. We also stock all of the necessary passive RF components needed to complete a plasma RF generator design. This includes baluns, couplers, combiners, splitters, signal detectors, fixed RF capacitors, tuning capacitors, tuning inductors, coaxial cables, connectors, heat sinks, gaskets, filters, RF resistors, and RF terminations. Our portfolio includes commercial-grade and high-reliability parts.

Please browse our Plasma RF Generator product categories, below, as well as the application notes and white papers included in the Technical Resources section. And please do not hesitate to contact us for design assistance.

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