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Avionics (Including Commercial)
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Avionics generally refers to all electronics used on an aircraft. This application section focuses exclusively on L-band ground-based or airborne transponders covering 960-1215MHz; including ADS-B, DME, IFF, Mode-S, SSR, and TCAS. Avionics communication products and design support are included under Communications. Avionics communication and navigation products and support can be found under SatCom/SatNav.

Richardson RFPD supplies both commercial-grade and avionics/military-grade components for the radio frequency (RF) and microwave sections of transponder/DME systems, including a complete line of discrete and integrated semiconductors and passive RF components.

For more details on the products available to meet your avionics system needs, please select from the appropriate categories below. For other inquiries, please Contact Us.

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Passive Devices

Semiconductors - Discretes

Semiconductors - ICs

Systems and Subsystems