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100W 0.03-3.0 GHz SP2T Reflective Switch
MACOM's MASW-011055 features low insertion loss and excellent linearity. It is ideal for use on land mobile radio and MIL-COM applications that require higher CW and pulsed power operation.

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Microsemi Amplifiers and Switches for A&D and Test & Measurement
Microsemi has added 32 new products to their wideband MMIC family, which now includes more LNAs and medium power amplifiers as well as prescalers, VVAs, and amplifier modules. These new products extend the Microsemi MMIC family up to 65 GHz. Multi-octave wideband performance and excellent electrical specifications make these products highly suitable for A&D and T&M applications.

UltraCMOS 10 MHz-40 GHz SPDT Switch
Peregrine's PE42524 wideband flip-chip switch delivers high isolation performance, excellent linearity and low insertion loss, making it ideal for test and measurement, microwave backhaul, radar and MIL-COM applications.

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SHORTBEND Cable Assemblies
Radiall's SHORTBEND low-loss coaxial cable assemblies are ideal for interconnection of coaxial components or subsystems that require low profile bending. The design features a silver-plated copper braid that minimizes signal leakage while offering flexibility for easy bend.

650V & 1200V NPT IGBTs with SiC Diodes
Microsemi has added three new 650V NPT IGBTs with integrated zero recovery, low leakage, SiC anti-parallel diodes, to its offering that previously included only 1200V models. Available in 45A and 70A current ratings, these leading edge 650V NPT IGBTs allow developers to reduce total system cost by replacing more costly 600V to 650V MOSFETs in industrial applications up to 150 kHz.

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Rugged L1/L2 GPS GLONASS Active Antenna
Maxtena's M1227HCT-A2-SMA has superior accuracy, leveraging dual band satellite reception in a single antenna. The product is ideal for applications requiring minimal integration effort or for retrofitting existing products.