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50 GHz TestPro 2 Cable Assemblies from Radiall
Different from other standard cable assemblies, Radiall's TestPro 2 line is specially designed for applications that require repeated connect/disconnect test procedures and the ability to withstand strenuous movement and continuous flexing up to 50 GHz.

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MIMO RF Transceiver from Lime Microsystems
The LMS7002M is a fully-integrated, multiband, multi-standard, programmable MIMO RF transceiver that combines LNAs, driver amplifiers, mixers, filters, synthesizers, RX gain control, TX power control, and ADCs/DACs into a single 11.5x11.5 mm QFN-packaged product. It covers 30 to 3800 MHz, with 0 dBm Pout from the driver amplifier, and 2.5 dB noise figure at 2 GHz at the RX input.

Skyworks PAs for Small Cells
These five new surface mount, +20 dBm linear output power amplifiers meet spectral requirements for small cell PAs with high power-added efficiency. These fully integrated devices offer high gain, low power current consumption, low bill-of-materials count, ease of use, and a small footprint with input and output parts internally matched.

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2.7–3.7 GHz Packaged GaN Power Amplifiers
The 10W TGA2583-SM and 18W TGA2585-SM are available in low-cost, surface mount 32-lead 5x5mm AIN QFN packages. They can operate under both pulse and continuous wave conditions, feature RF ports with integrated DC blocking capacitors, and are fully matched to 50 ohms for simple system integration. These new GaN PAs are ideally suited to support commercial and defense-related S-band radar applications.

0.7-2.7GHz Fractus BAR mXTEND™ Antenna Booster
The FR01-S4-232 is a low cost, standard off the shelf multiband antenna covering 698-2690MHz to enable worldwide coverage. The new fractal geometry optimized antenna offers a miniature size of 10mm x 3.2mm x 3.2mm without sacrificng performance, making it suitable for a wide range of cellular based products.

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New! SiC MOSFET Evaluation Kit
The KIT8020CRD8FF1217P-1 evaluation kit enables IGBT-based power systems designers the ability to evaluate the high performance of CREE 1200V SiC MOSFETs and SiC Schottky diodes (SBD). The new evaluation kit can easily be configured for several topologies, including basic phase-leg configurations.