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Integrated MMIC Digital Attenuator Modules

ADI's HMC-C025 (DC-13 GHz, 6-bit) and HMC-C584 (0.1-40 GHz, 5-bit) are high-performance, hermetically-sealed solutions that facilitate rapid prototyping and faster time-to-market for a variety of applications, including telecom infrastructure, military radios and radar, and test instrumentation.



High-efficiency, Pin-to-pin Compatible Small Cell PA Family Supporting All 3GPP Bands

Skyworks' SKY662xx family of 4 W PAs (characterized at +28 dBm) are fully-input/output matched, with high gain and linearity and integrated active biasing circuitry. These compact 5x5 mm devices are designed for FDD and TDD 2G/3G/4G LTE small cell base stations and cover all the 3GPP frequency bands.



DC-12 GHz Reflective 10 W SPDT

The CHS7012-99F from UMS is a monolithic FET-based switch featuring broadband performance and a robust 0.25µm gate length GaN/SiC pHEMT process. It is available as a bare die and provides 35 dB of isolation and 1.4 dB of insertion loss.



0.5–2.7 GHz, 2-Watt Power Amplifier Module

The ETX115 from NewEdge Signal Solutions delivers high gain and high power across a wide RF transmit bandwidth, using a single +12 V supply. This 2 W, compact module can be used for a wide range of applications, including LTE signals for use in tactical communication, test and measurement or electronic warfare systems.



IMS Evaluation Platform

This IMS evaluation platform from GaN Systems provides a flexible, low-cost, high-power development resource for high-efficiency power systems with 3 kW or higher applications, including data center, automotive, and energy storage systems. It consists of a motherboard (GSP65MB-EVB) and two eval modules in half-bridge and full-bridge variants.



Family of 50 W and 100 W Integrated Broadband Switches

Drawing less than 200 microamps, Tagore’s new family of 50 W (avg.) and 100 W (avg.) GaN SPDT switches are designed for broadband, high power applications. Integrated driver circuitry in the 5x5mm QFN makes them small and easy to use.