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How to Buy

We offer two ways to purchase products:

  • Shop Online -The fastest, easiest way to get the parts you need. View pricing and availability, request quotations or more information, and begin purchasing immediately. (See details below.)
  • Order by Phone -If you prefer to discuss your requirements before purchasing, please call your local sales representative. You can get the phone number of the nearest sales representative using our interactive sales support locator map under Contact Us.

Online Shopping at

Find the parts you need using our Engineer-Focused Navigation™ tools or the convenient Product Search and Advanced Search available on every page. Add items to your cart, buy items available for immediate purchase or save items for later purchase, request quotes on pricing and quantities, choose delivery and payment methods and link to your Corporate E-Account (if you have one). It’s as easy as that.

You can begin shopping and adding items to your cart without being a registered user or logged into However, if you want to check out, request a quote or save the items in your cart for later purchase, you must have at least a registered Individual E-Account and be logged in.

You may register an Individual E-Account and begin purchasing parts online immediately. Individual E-Accounts can only use a credit card for online purchases and do not have access to contract pricing under any previous agreement with Richardson RFPD, Inc.

If you have an existing Corporate Account with Richardson RFPD, you can link it to an E-Account for online ordering and quoting. Corporate E-Accounts may use Purchase Orders or credit cards for online purchases. They also have access to contract pricing and customer-specific terms and conditions.

To register on, click here.

Adding Items to the Shopping Cart
You can add products to your shopping cart from any Product end category or part detail page.

Check the Price breaks; enter a Quantity and click “Buy” or “Quote.” Items which can be purchased immediately offer either “Buy” and “Quote” buttons (or “Add to Order” and “Add to Quote” buttons. Items which require pricing and availability assistance from a sales representative offer only a “Quote” or “Add to Quote” button.

You can request information about pricing and availability for any product before you buy by clicking the “QUOTE” or “Add to Quote” buttons. From within your Shopping Cart, you can also include questions or comments in addition to price, quantity and availability of an item using the “Quote Notes” feature.

Quick Add: If you know the part numbers for items you would like to order, Quick Add is a fast, easy way to add parts to your Shopping Cart. Open your Shopping Cart and simply enter a part number and quantity and click either “Add to Order” or “Add to Quote.” The item will then be added to the Cart Items ready for Checkout as either “ready for immediate purchase” or “that will be quoted.”

Viewing Items in the Shopping Cart
When you add items to your cart, a summary view of your Shopping Cart will be displayed on the left side of your screen, showing the subtotal cost, part numbers and quantities of the current items in the cart and buttons to view your current cart or to checkout.

To view details of the current Shopping Cart, click on the cart icon in the summary view or the “Shopping Cart” link at the top of the screen. Items in your cart are either: “Cart Items ready for checkout” or “Cart Items saved for later.”

Cart Items ready for checkout: These include “Items ready for immediate purchase” and “Items that will be quoted.” For each item, you have the option to move to Save for Later, to Delete from your cart, or to update the Quantity by clicking the corresponding buttons. From this screen, you can proceed to Checkout (by clicking on the green “Checkout” button at the lower right) or to Continue Shopping (by clicking the link at the upper right).

Cart Items saved for later: These include “Items saved for later purchase” and “Quotes saved for later.” For each item in these categories, you have the option to Move to Cart, Delete, or update Quantity by clicking the corresponding buttons.

Saving Items in your cart for later purchase
You can save any or all items in your current Shopping Cart for purchasing or quoting at a later time. Simply click the “Save for Later” button next to the item’s Part #/Part Name.

You must be a registered user and logged into in order to save items in the Shopping Cart. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted by the system before you are allowed to save items in your cart.

Please Note:If you log out or leave without checking out or saving items displayed in “Cart Items ready for checkout,” these items will be removed from your cart. This section of your Shopping Cart will be empty when you return to

Moving saved items to your active cart
You can move any or all of the saved items in the Shopping Cart to your active cart, so they can be purchased or quoted. Just click the “Move to Cart” button next to the item’s Part #/Part Name and it will be transferred to “Cart Items ready for checkout.”

Deleting Items from the Shopping Cart
You can easily delete unwanted items in your Shopping Cart by clicking the “Delete” button next to the Part #/Part Name. Be sure you want to delete the item, as you will not be asked to confirm your choice. As soon as you click “Delete,” the item will be removed from your cart and cannot be retrieved.

Checking Out
We recommend reviewing your Shopping Cart, to make sure the items and quantities are correct, before clicking the green “CHECKOUT” button. You must be a registered user and logged into in order to checkout. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted by the system before you are allowed to begin the checkout process.

Backorders: If some parts in your order are out of stock at the time your order is placed, you will be notified on the Order Confirmation screen during checkout that the parts are backordered. Your account will be charged for these parts only when the backordered parts are shipped.

The items “ready for checkout” in your cart will be processed separately:

  • Items ready for immediate purchase will be processed and shipped to you at the prices, quantities and methods selected. (See below for checkout procedure.)

  • Items that will be quoted will be routed to the Richardson RFPD representative best qualified to evaluate the information you provided and he or she will respond to your request via email. If further details are required, the sales representative will contact you for clarification before sending your quote.

To checkout, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the green “CHECKOUT” button.
  2. Review the Shipping Information for the current order. Either select your Billing Address or enter a different Shipping Address.
  3. Select the Shipping Method for the current order from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select your preferred Payment Method from the drop-down menu and complete the required information.
  5. Review your order before clicking “Submit.” At this point, you have the option to Cancel your order if it is not correct. You can also make changes or updates to your Shipping Address, Shipping Information and Payment Information.
    Please Note: We recommend you PRINT this screen and save it for your records.
  6. Click the green “SUBMIT” button. You will receive a “Success!” message when your order has been successfully submitted.

After your order (and/or request for quote) has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from Richardson RFPD. When your order is shipped, you will receive a Shipping Notice email.

Is Your Organization Tax Exempt?
If you are a new Richardson RFPD customer, tax will be charged on your initial web order. If the products you are purchasing are deemed to be "non-taxable," we will credit the tax charged back to your credit card. We will also flag your account as "non-taxable," so you will not be charged tax on future orders. Prior to changing your account to "non-taxable" and refunding the taxes charged, you must email a copy of your tax exempt/resale certificate to or fax a copy to 630-208-2792 after you receive your order confirmation email.

If your company is already a Richardson RFPD customer, you may be able to take advantage of the existing terms associated with your corporate account. To learn how to activate this feature, please use the Sales Support map in our Contact Us section to contact your local sales representative.