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Product News
Product News 
Product News

RichardsonRFPD New High Efficiency Small Cell Power Amplifier from Qorvo (6KB) 10/8/2015
Richardson RFPD Introduces New ½W High-Linearity Amplifier from Qorvo (6KB) 10/8/2015
RichardsonRFPD New Packaged with Adjustable Gain Control from UMS (6KB) 10/8/2015
Introducing New 1700 SiC MOSFET from Wolfspeed (6KB) 9/29/2015
Introducing New High Power 6W Ka-Band Power Amplifier from MACOM (5KB) 9/24/2015
Introducing New 75Ω pHEMT Dual RF Amplifier for CATV from Qorvo (6KB) 9/17/2015
Introducing New 10 kHz–6 GHz Dual Differential SPDT Switch from Peregrine (6KB) 9/17/2015
Industry's First High-power, SMT, Dual Directional Couplers from IPP (10KB) 9/15/2015
Four New GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers in Plastic Packages from Qorvo (9KB) 9/15/2015
Introducing New 13.4-15.5 GHz, 35W GaN Power Amplifier from Qorvo (6KB) 8/31/2015
Introducing New 14-Bit Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter from ADI (7KB) 8/31/2015
Introducing New GaN Bias Controller/Sequencer Module from MACOM (6KB) 8/27/2015
Introducing Two New GaN on SiC RF Input-Matched Transistors from Qorvo (8KB) 8/27/2015
Introducing Anaren Xinger® Couplers for Aerospace & Defense (10KB) 8/25/2015
Introducing Platinum Series of Terminations and Attenuators from Radiall (6KB) 8/25/2015
Introducing New 2W, 17.65–19.75 GHz Power Amplifier from MACOM (5KB) 8/13/2015
New 2–20 GHz, 20W Benchtop Power Amplifier from Qorvo (6KB) 8/6/2015
Introducing Family of DOCSIS 3.1 Active Components from MACOM (11KB) 7/20/2015
Introducing New 30W, 32V, DC–3.5 GHz GaN RF Power Transistor from Qorvo (6KB) 7/16/2015
Announcing 1.218 GHz High-Output GaN CATV Power Doubler Amp from ANADIGICS (6KB) 7/16/2015
Introducing DC–50 GHz Amplifier from MACOM (71KB) 7/14/2015
Introducing Availability of HPA Products from MACOM (113KB) 7/14/2015
Introducing 16–18.5 GHz, 1W GaAs Power Amplifier from TriQuint / Qorvo (113KB) 6/25/2015
Introducing New Ultra-miniature OCXOs from IQD (85KB) 6/18/2015
Introducing New Glitch-less Digital Step Attenuators from Peregrine (129KB) 6/18/2015