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Product News
Product News 
Product News

New 300 W Bi-Directional Coupler with Surface-Mount Technology from IPP (6KB) 10/18/2016
UltraCMOS® High-speed FET Driver from Peregrine (6KB) 9/29/2016
Introducing New 225-520 MHz High-Performance Tunable Filter from NewEdge (6KB) 9/26/2016
Introducing Four New GaN on SiC HEMTs from Qorvo (12KB) 9/26/2016
Introducing New 20 W X-Band SPDT Switch from MACOM (5KB) 9/19/2016
Introducing New 3V, 3000-Farad Ultracapacitor Cell from Maxwell (6KB) 9/19/2016
New Peregrine MPACs for Doherty Power Amplifiers (7KB) 9/8/2016
New 1 W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable from MACOM (6KB) 9/6/2016
Introducing New 1500 W RF Power Transistor from NXP (6KB) 8/23/2016
New Broadband, 7-bit Silicon Digital Attenuator from ADI (7KB) 8/23/2016
Introducing New 1700 V, 45 mΩ SiC MOSFET from Wolfspeed (6KB) 8/16/2016
Introducing New 360 W CW Power Limiter for UHF-band Applications from MACOM (6KB) 8/16/2016
Introducing New Passive Switch for MRI Applications from MACOM (5KB) 8/2/2016
Introducing Two 4 W Power Amplifiers for Point-to-Point from MACOM (6KB) 7/26/2016
Introducing RECOM's New Series of DC/DC Converters for SiC MOSFET Drivers (9KB) 7/21/2016
Introducing 900V SiC Evaluation Kit from Wolfspeed (6KB) 7/19/2016
Introducing New fastPack 0 SiC Power Module from Vincotech (6KB) 7/19/2016
Introducing New All-SiC Module C2M MOSFET and Z-Rec Diode from Wolfspeed (6KB) 7/7/2016
New 1 MHz to 2.5 GHz UltraCMOS® RF Digital Step Attenuator from Peregrine (6KB) 6/28/2016
New 5–1794 MHz UltraCMOS® SPDT RF Switch (6KB) 6/28/2016
Introducing New 100–1000 MHz High-Linearity Mixer from Peregrine (6KB) 6/22/2016
Introducing New 100W CW SPDT Reflective Switch from Microsemi (5KB) 6/21/2016
Introducing New Hyperabrupt Varactor Diode from MACOM (5KB) 6/21/2016
New Balanced 3-Stage, 80–100 GHz GaAs Amplifier (186KB) 6/14/2016
Introducing Two New X-band GaN Power Amplifiers from Qorvo (6KB) 6/7/2016