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Product News
Product News 
Product News

Introducing New 100–1000 MHz High-Linearity Mixer from Peregrine (6KB) 6/22/2016
Introducing New 100W CW SPDT Reflective Switch from Microsemi (5KB) 6/21/2016
Introducing New Hyperabrupt Varactor Diode from MACOM (5KB) 6/21/2016
New Balanced 3-Stage, 80–100 GHz GaAs Amplifier (186KB) 6/14/2016
Introducing Two New X-band GaN Power Amplifiers from Qorvo (6KB) 6/7/2016
New 2.8-3.2 GHz 50 W GaN Amplifier from Qorvo (6KB) 5/31/2016
Bridging the Gap between RF Energy Innovation and Sys Dev with Anaren (7KB) 5/18/2016
Announcing Europe Expansion of Availability of HPA Products from MACOM (7KB) 5/10/2016
Introducing New SDI Video and Optoelectronics Products from MACOM (9KB) 4/19/2016
Introducing New RF Power LDMOS Transistor from NXP (5KB) 3/31/2016
New Phase and Amplitude Controller from Peregrine (6KB) 3/1/2016
Introducing Wolfspeed's Expanded Portfolio of 900V SiC MOSFETs (10KB) 2/16/2016
New Receiver with Integrated LNA, Mixer and LO Buffer Amplifier from MACOM (5KB) 2/4/2016
Introducing New 3–13.5 GHz UltraCMOS Divide-by-4 Prescaler from Peregrine (5KB) 2/2/2016
Introducing New Six-Channel SiC MOSFET Driver from Wolfspeed (5KB) 2/2/2016
Introducing New High-Power SP2T Reflective Switch from MACOM (5KB) 1/28/2016
Introducing New 20–3000 MHz SPDT Switch from Skyworks (6KB) 1/26/2016
Announcing New WLAN 802.11a/n/ac Power Amplifier from ANADIGICS (6KB) 1/21/2016
Introducing Two New Ka-band Power Amplifiers from MACOM (7KB) 1/14/2016
Introducing 1.7 GHz to 2.2 GHz Digital Phase Shifter from Peregrine (7KB) 1/5/2016
Introducing New Ultra-Low-Noise, Flat Gain LNA from Qorvo (6KB) 12/8/2015
Introducing New 2.4 GHz WLAN/BT LTE Coexistence Filter from Qorvo (6KB) 12/8/2015
Introducing New 200–3800 MHz Low Noise Amplifier from Skyworks (6KB) 12/1/2015
Introducing Two New 5 GHz Wi-Fi PA Modules for 802.11ac from Qorvo (7KB) 12/1/2015
Introducing Two High-Power Receive Protection Circuit Limiters from Qorvo (7KB) 12/1/2015