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Product News
Product News 
Product News

Introducing Availability of Hittite Microwave Products from ADI (63KB) 12/18/2014
Introducing Cree All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Module and Driver (110KB) 12/16/2014
Introducing Cree All-Silicon Carbide 3-Phase Module & 6-Channel Gate Driver (135KB) 12/16/2014
Introducing Peregrine 50–3000 MHz RF SP4T Switch (112KB) 12/12/2014
Introducing New TriQuint 2.7–3.7 GHz GaN Power Amplifiers (129KB) 12/2/2014
Announcing Silicon Carbide MOSFET Evaluation Kit from Cree (96KB) 11/26/2014
Introducing New MIMO RF Transceiver from Lime Microsystems (81KB) 11/26/2014
Introducing Four-Stage E-Band Driver Amplifier from MACOM (104KB) 11/18/2014
Introducing UltraCMOS Switch from Peregrine (113KB) 11/13/2014
Introducing GaN Amplifier for DOCSIS 3.1 CATV from ANADIGICS (118KB) 11/11/2014
Three New 1200V SiC MOSFETs in Three Different Package Styles from Microsem (133KB) 11/7/2014
Introducing Four New RF GaN on SiC HEMTs from TriQuint (127KB) 11/5/2014
Introducing Two New Tuning Kits for Maxtena GPS Helix Antennas (127KB) 11/3/2014
Introducing Expanded Family of 650V SiC Diodes from Cree (140KB) 11/3/2014
Introducing 9kHz - 18GHz SP4T RF Switches from Peregrine (136KB) 10/29/2014
Introducing High-voltage Applications from Microsemi (192KB) 10/20/2014
Announcing Reduced Pricing on Generation 1200V NX-Series from Powerex (119KB) 10/20/2014
Introducing Three New 20W Power Amplifiers from Wavelex (337KB) 10/14/2014
Introducing Three New Converters from ADI (131KB) 10/9/2014
Introducing Solid State High Power Amplifier from Empower (126KB) 9/30/2014
Introducing First Power Limiters from Peregrine (113KB) 9/25/2014
Introducing New Digital Step Attenuator from Peregrine (108KB) 9/25/2014
Introducing Two New GPS Helix Antennas from Maxtena (112KB) 9/23/2014
Introducing Two New 24W Saturated Power PAs from Wavelex (110KB) 9/18/2014
Introducing New Family of High Performance Baluns from MACOM (131KB) 9/18/2014