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Product News
Product News 
Product News

Introducing Family of DOCSIS 3.1 Active Components from MACOM (11KB) 7/20/2015
Introducing New 30W, 32V, DC–3.5 GHz GaN RF Power Transistor from Qorvo (6KB) 7/16/2015
Announcin 1.218 GHz High-Output GaN CATV Power Doubler Amp from ANADIGICS (6KB) 7/16/2015
Introducing DC–50 GHz Amplifier from MACOM (71KB) 7/14/2015
Introducing Availability of HPA Products from MACOM (113KB) 7/14/2015
Introducing 16–18.5 GHz, 1W GaAs Power Amplifier from TriQuint / Qorvo (113KB) 6/25/2015
Introducing New Ultra-miniature OCXOs from IQD (85KB) 6/18/2015
Introducing New Glitch-less Digital Step Attenuators from Peregrine (129KB) 6/18/2015
Introducing 2G CDMA Modem for M2M Applications from Maestro Wireless (68KB) 6/11/2015
Introducing Three GaN on SiC HEMTs from UMS (72KB) 6/9/2015
Introducing Two New GaN RF Power Transistors from TriQuint / Qorvo (102KB) 6/9/2015
Introducing GPS Antenna Module Sub-System from Maestro Wireless Solutions (69KB) 6/4/2015
Introducing Two New 900V SiC MOSFETs from Cree (84KB) 6/4/2015
Introducing 100–6000 MHz RF SPDT Switch from Peregrine (99KB) 5/28/2015
Introducing 30W, 32V, 0.03–4 GHz GaN RF Transistor from TriQuint/Qorvo (88KB) 5/21/2015
Introducing RF LDMOS Wideband Integrated Power Amplifiers from Freescale (101KB) 5/19/2015
Introducing New 10 MHz–40 GHz Switch from Peregrine (72KB) 5/19/2015
Introducing 10W, 32V, 0.03–3 GHz GaN RF Transistor from TriQuint/Qorvo (109KB) 5/12/2015
Introducing Temperature-Variable Chip Attenuators from Aeroflex/Inmet (70KB) 5/7/2015
Introducing RF Solutions for Aerospace and Defense from Freescale (146KB) 5/7/2015
Introducing 650W, 960–1215 MHz GaN on SiC Pulsed Power HEMT from MACOM (99KB) 5/5/2015
Introducing S-band 7W Pulsed High Power Amplifier from MACOM (99KB) 4/30/2015
Introducing Rugged L1/L2 GPS GLONASS Active Antenna from Maxtena (96KB) 4/30/2015
Introducing 55W,28V,DC–3.5 GHz GaN RF Power Transistor from TriQuint/Qorvo (68KB) 4/28/2015
Introducing Three SMT Multiband Antennas for Mobile Devices from Fractus (94KB) 4/28/2015