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Product News
Product News 
Product News

Introducing Additions to K2 Series of Ultracapacitor Cells from Maxwell (251KB) 9/2/2014
Introducing New 15W X-Band Power Amplifier from MACOM (231KB) 9/2/2014
Introducing New 2-Way, 90-Degree Power Splitter from MACOM (232KB) 8/25/2014
Introducing Industry First DC-40 GHz 6-bit Digital Attenuator from MACOM (198KB) 8/12/2014
Introducing New 71-86 GHz 0.25W Power Amplifier from MACOM (208KB) 8/11/2014
Introducing New Multi-Octave, MMIC Switch and Amplifiers from Microsemi (208KB) 8/7/2014
INtroducing New 700 MHz-6 GHz Ultra-Low Noise Amplifer from MACOM (231KB) 8/5/2014
Introducing Three New Additions to ATC's UBC Ultra-Broadband Capacitors (309KB) 7/30/2014
Introducing New 16-Bit, 310 MSPS, 3.3V/1.8V Dual ADC from ADI (242KB) 7/30/2014
Introducing New 650V, 20A SiC Schottky Diode from Cree (206KB) 7/28/2014
Introducing DFE Series of Metal Alloy Inductors from TOKO (267KB) 7/24/2014
Introducing 400L and 400S Series Capacitors from ATC (232KB) 7/22/2014
Introducing New Silicon Carbide Power Z-FET from Cree (231KB) 7/21/2014
Introducing New RF Termination from Wavelex (229KB) 7/17/2014
Introducing Two New 2.5W Power Amplifier Modules from TriQuint (200KB) 7/17/2014
Introducing DG Series of Wire Wound Ferrite Inductors from TOKO (259KB) 7/15/2014
Introducing Two New GaN Power Amplifiers from TriQuint (202KB) 7/14/2014
Introducing New All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Module from Cree (246KB) 7/10/2014
Introducing New Peregrine UltraCMOS Integer-N PLL Frequency Synthesizer (233KB) 7/1/2014
Introducing New Ultra-Wideband High-Power Bias-T from Wavelex (190KB) 5/8/2014
Introducing MLS Flatpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors from CDE (196KB) 5/8/2014
Introducing New Wideband 10W SPDT Switch from Wavelex (119KB) 4/22/2014
Introducing Five New GaN on SiC HEMT RF Transistors from MACOM (124KB) 4/22/2014
Introducing New 470-960 MHz 0.8W Power Amplifier from Wavelex (119KB) 4/22/2014
Introducing Four new GaN on SiC Power Amplifiers from TriQuint (130KB) 4/22/2014