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CT-Concept Technologie AG

CT-Concept Technologie AG is a privately owned Swiss company founded in 1986. It is a worldwide technology and market leader in the sector of IGBT and MOSFET drivers for mid to high-power applications, including renewable energy, traction, electrical drives, medical technology and power supplies.

CONCEPT’s SCALE IGBT drivers are based on the unique SCALE ASIC chipset (ASIC = Application-Specific Integrated Circuit), contributing to a product portfolio featuring unsurpassed functionality, quality and a highly competitive price/performance ratio.

The company’s plug-and-play drivers are ready-to-use IGBT drivers perfectly matched by CONCEPT to a large selection of medium and high-power/high-voltage IGBTs with reverse voltages from 600V to 6500V. All plug-and-play drivers are complete solutions - equipped with DC/DC converters, short-circuit protection, active clamping, supply monitoring etc. Users need only to mount them onto the corresponding IGBT module. The system can then be put into immediate operation with no further development or matching effort on the gate driver unit.

CONCEPT’s driver cores are modules equipped with all the basic functions of a driver such as electrical separation, protective functions, DC/DC converters etc.  They are mounted on a circuit board containing all the additional components required to match the driver to specific IGBTs or applications, such as an input interface, gate resistors, active clamping etc. Driver cores for IGBTs are available with reverse voltages from 600V to 3300V. They are also suited for driving power MOSFETs.
Most CONCEPT drivers are equipped with integrated DC/DC converters. As a complement to the drivers, which contain no electrically isolated power supplies, CONCEPT offers a series of DC/DC converters developed specifically for supplying IGBT drivers.

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