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NXP Semiconductors

NXP is the world leader in the RF wireless infrastructure market and is continuing to build on that position with new and innovative products addressing all protocols, including W-CDMA/UMTS, GSM EDGE, CDMA, TD-SCDMA and LTE. The launch of the Airfast brand invigorates the infrastructure portfolio while new, world class devices for RF Power and MMIC applications round out a comprehensive line-up for end to end solutions. Their RF Power offerings lead the way for broadcast, industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) and aerospace markets and the RF MMIC roadmap for macro/micro and small cell base-stations distributed antenna systems (DAS) and repeaters is second to none. NXP's breadth of available technologies creates a cost-effective RF portfolio designed to deliver industry-leading power density, signal bandwidth, linear efficiency, thermal stability, ruggedness and integrated ESD protection in small form factor configurations.
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Application Notes

Thermal Measurement Methodology of RF Power Amplifiers (96KB)
Freescale Solder Reflow Attach Method (814KB)
Freescale General Purpose Amplifier Biasing (78KB)
Freescale Bolt Down Mounting Method for High Power RF Transistors (7MB)
Freescale Clamping of High Power RF Transistors and RFICs (391KB)
Simple Method of Changing the Frequency Range of a Power Amplifier Circuit (928KB)


NXP RF Aerospace and Defense Solutions Brochure (1MB)
Freescale Products for Small Office/Home Office Basestations (569KB)
Freescale RF GaAs Solutions Brochure (413KB)
Freescale Industrial, Scientific and Medical Solutions Brochure (461KB)
Freescale Commercial Aerospace Solutions Brochure (402KB)
Freescale GPA Solutions (494KB)


Advantages of Solid State RF Power over Vacuum Tubes (1MB)
NXP RF Power Solution for Advanced Medical Applications (1MB)

Selector Guides

NXP Smart Antenna Solutions Selection Guide (4MB)
Freescale RF Product Focus Products (207KB)
RF Product Selector Guide (2MB)

Supplier Documentation

NXP RF Power Solutions for Medical Applications (32KB)
Freescale Femtocell Fact Sheet (383KB)
Freescale GaAs Power MRFG pHEMT (288KB)
Freescale Linear Amplifier Fact Sheet (260KB)
Freescale Low Noise Amplifiers (80KB)

Technical Article

Advances in RF Energy for Medical Applications
Freescale - The Quest for a Rugged Transistor (600KB)

Video File

Freescale "Stuff Happens"
Solid-State Microwave Oven (Yes, An Oven) Makes Debut at IMS2012
Freescale Lab Demo - High Rugged Test (YouTube)

White Papers

RF Energy in Medicine White Paper
GaN RF Technology Advances and Applications - Freescale (718KB)
Freescale 50V RF LDMOS (878KB)
Freescale - Practical Considerations for Low Noise (311KB)