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New technology challenges in bandwidth, power, efficiency, multiple standard support, and system complexity have emerged from the rapid evolution of 3G and 4G wireless standards to support broadband data and video services. While current solutions have failed to respond to these challenges, Scintera has delivered a unique technology implementation that fits existing system requirements while enabling new and emerging architectures.

Scintera has developed a programmable analog signal processing platform that improves performance and reduces power consumption compared to traditional DSP platforms. This unique solution, implemented in a standard CMOS process, also eliminates the need for expensive, power-hungry, and performance-limiting A/D converters.

The Gigahertz Signal Processor platform provides a paradigm shift from the common thinking that digital conversion is required to perform complex signal processing functions.  This new technology provides wideband signal processing capabilities, at multi-gigahertz carrier frequencies, while consuming extremely little power.  Unhindered by the common limitations in power, complexity and size, Scintera technology targets simplicity, scalability, and cost effectiveness for current and future wireless applications.

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