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Founded in 1967, today's Anaren is a worldwide innovator of high-frequency technology deployed in the space, defense, commercial wireless infrastructure, consumer electronics, medical device industries, and IoT sectors. Standard-component product lines include:
  • Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules - designed to enable non-RF savvy OEMs to easily ‘go wireless’ and connect to the IoT with low cost Bluetooth Smart modules.
  • Subminiature passive RF components for consumer devices - ultra-miniature Xinger®-brand couplers, power dividers, baluns, and more sized for wireless handheld devices, broadcast applications, and select, wireless medical applications.
  • Passive RF components for wireless infrastructure - Commercial wireless OEMs world over rely on Anaren’s low-cost, high-performance Xinger®-brand surface mount components (e.g.: couplers, power dividers, baluns) and resistive components – for use in today’s cellular amplifiers, receivers, and other base-station equipment.
  • Standard and custom RF solutions for space & defense - a proven line of standard mil-Spec components, such as mixers, modulator/demodulators, phase discriminators, and other active RF/analog components
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