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Microsemi’s comprehensive product portfolio includes semiconductor, component and sub-system solutions for defense and security, aerospace, communications and industrial markets. RF, microwave and millimeter wave (MMW) solutions includes high-performance, high reliability diodes, power transistors, switches, low noise and power amplifiers, and integrated modules based on advanced semiconductor (SiC, GaN,) as well as packaging technologies. The RF, microwave, and MMW module facility in Camarillo, Calif. is registered to ISO9001:2008/ AS9100:2009 Rev. C and approved by numerous prime contractors and the U.S. DCMA.
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Application Notes

Microsemi Design Recommendations for SiC MOSFET (895KB)
Microsemi - A 700W Broadband Amp Using VRF2944 (343KB)
Microsemi Using NTC Temperature Sensors Integrated into Power Modules (274KB)
Microsemi Handling Inst./Protection against Electrostatic Discharge (334KB)
Microsemi Mounting Instructions for SP6-P (12mm) Power Modules (413KB)
Microsemi Advantages of low profile modules.pdf (1MB)
Microsemi PressFIT mounting instructions for Microsemi power modules (232KB)
Microsemi Mounting Instructions for SP1 Power Modules (153KB)
Microsemi Mounting Instructions for SP3 Power Modules (311KB)
Microsemi Mounting Instructions for SP6 Power Modules (385KB)
Microsemi Mounting Instructions for SP4 Power Modules (245KB)
Microsemi Baseplate flatness of power modules (65KB)
Microsemi Capabilities of Low-cost High Voltage RF Power MOSFETs at HF and
Microsemi Determining Maximum RF Output Power Rating
Microsemi High Voltage, High Efficiency MOSFET RF Amplifiers
Microsemi Paralleling MOSFETs in RF Amplifiers


Microsemi SiC Product Brochure (2MB)
Microsemi Applications for Low Profile Power Modules (3MB)


Microsemi RF & Microwave Diode and Transistor Products (3MB)
Microsemi RF Integrated Solutions Catalog (10MB)
Microsemi PMG Micro Products Catalog (673KB)
Microsemi Power Portfolio Catalog (4MB)


Microsemi SiC Schottky Diodes – 650V & 1200V (443KB)
Microsemi PMG MIF2061 8Gbit DDR3 SDRAM Data Sheet (180KB)
Microsemi PMG Catalog Quick Reference Selector Guide


Microsemi 1200V NPT IGBTs Presentation (1MB)

Selector Guides

Microsemi MMIC Selection Guide 2017 (3MB)
MRI Device Selector Guide (79KB)
Microsemi Gallium Nitride (GaN) Selector Guide (751KB)
GaN and SiC Technology Overview (1MB)

Technical Article

Microsemi High Frequency and Paralleling Modules for High Current (1MB)
Microsemi Unipolar Switching Full Bridge Modules (96KB)
Microsemi How to Make Linear Mode Work (328KB)

Video File

Microsemi VSWR - Load Mismatch Ruggedness
GaN Devices For S, C, and L-Band Radar and L-Band Avionics Applications
Thermal Mounting of Flange-Less Microsemi RF MOSFETs Video

White Papers

Pulsed RF Operation of Microsemi GaN RF Power Transistors (424KB)
Microsemi- A Comparison of Gallium Nitride Versus Silicon Carbide (188KB)
Microsemi 4H-SiC 1200V JBS Diodes with High Avalanche Ruggedness (539KB)