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Telegesis specialises in ZigBee mesh networking radio technology. We design and manufacture a range of ZigBee modules based upon the Ember/SiLabs EM357 and EM358 SoCs. Telegesis is the world’s leading supplier of ZigBee modules into a wide range of markets and applications – concentrating particularly on Smart Metering, Smart Lighting and Home Automation. We have specific detailed expertise in these latter markets and can offer design and implementation services to support all development and integration work needed to bring your ZigBee product to market. Telegesis also offers a suite of ZigBee products around our core module offering including ZigBee USB sticks, ZigBee to Ethernet gateways, Range Finder tools as well as firmware and hardware development tools. All Telegesis ZigBee modules come with our best-in-class AT command line interface and we have ZigBee compliant Smart Energy and Home Automation command sets too for rapid development of products into these markets.

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