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LS Research

Based in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, LS Research (LSR) is the premier wireless product development company specializing in RF design, software development, and FCC / CE certification services. LS Research is at the forefront of the latest wireless technologies including Wibree, Zigbee, Wireless USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and UWB. LSR designs wireless products to help clients take their business to the next level through technical innovation. LS Research has developed a long history of helping both Fortune 500 companies and startups with new product development.

At the heart of LS Research’s innovative talent is the core RF engineering group with over 29 years of proven wireless product development experience. In addition, LSR is the only product development firm with turnkey design service and an on-site FCC / CE approved test facility for all EMC testing needs.

Franchised Locations
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