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Powerex, a U.S. based company, was established in January, 1986. Powerex began as a joint venture with two power semiconductor pioneers, General Electric and Westinghouse. Mitsubishi also established an equity position. G.E. and Mitsubishi are now equal owners since Westinghouse sold its shares in 1994. Powerex offers a broad line of quality products to meet power application needs, including discrete rectifiers & thyristors, SCR/Diode Modules, Mosfet Modules, IGBTs, Intelligent Power Modules & Custom Modules. Also available are accessories to assist in gate drive circuit design (gate drivers, DC-DC Converters, design kits). For a more complete solution, Powerex offers integrated subsystems. Markets served include AC/DC and Servo Drives, UPS, alternative energy, medical power supplies, welding, industrial heating,electrical vehicles, aircraft and communications. Powerex standard and custom products are all supported by its world-class applications engineering staff.

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PowerSim can be used to calculate power loss and thermal conditions, both average and peak, of Powerex power semiconductors in 2-level, 3-phase inverters based on operating conditions provided by the user. The program’s main purpose is to aid in device selection and performance validation as well as provide a starting point for a system’s thermal design.
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