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RFMD and TriQuint have merged to become Qorvo, a new global leader in scalable and dynamic RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense. Customers can continue to look to Richardson RFPD for all the innovative RF solutions from TriQuint and RFMD. 
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Application Notes

Modelithic Analysis of a 30 W GaN Power Amplifier Model in Agilent ADS (859KB)


Qorvo Core RF Solutions
TriQuint TriAccess CATV/FTTH Solutions (1MB)
TriQuint Diplexer Modules Shrink Size and Reduce Complexity (1MB)
TriQuint Low Noise Amplifiers (283KB)
TriQuint SOT-89 Gain Blocks (719KB)
TriQuint GaN brochure
TriQuint SAW/STW Oscillator Products (2MB)
TriQuint Spatium Products Brochure
TriQuint Advanced Filtering Solutions Brochure
TriQuint Optical Products Brochure (763KB)
TriQuint TRIUMF MMPA products Brochure


GaN RF Technology for Dummies

Reference Designs

TriQuint-Scintera Small Cell Reference Design (333KB)

Selector Guides

TriQuint Product Selection Guide

Technical Article

The Technology Underneath GaN - How GaAs enables GaN Performance (1MB)
TriQuint Ultra Low-Noise Highly Linear Integrated 1.5 to 2.7 GHz LNA (488KB)
Design Distributed MMIC Amplifiers
TriQuint and Scintera Small Cell Solution (311KB)
TriQuint View From the Top (309KB)
TriQuint GaN MMIC Switch Handles 40 W from DC to 6 GHz (9MB)
TriQuint GaN Devices Set Benchmarks for Power and Bandwidth (1MB)
TriQuint GaN Contributions - The Exciting New Future of Aerospace (1MB)

Video File

High Voltage Quarter-Micron GaN Process from TriQuint
Spatium™ HPAs & New GaN Solutions
TriQuint High Performance RF Solutions
TriQuint Radar Innovation
TriQuint Evolves Its Brand
TriQuint GaN Product/Technology Overview
TriQuint GaN Innovation for Defense and Commercial Applications
TriQuint VSAT and PtP Applications on Engineering TV
TriQuint Semiconductor New GaN Solutions


Improve Overall System Performance with New TriQuint GaN Products

White Papers

TriQuint New GaN FETs, Amplifiers and Switches (582KB)
TriQuint Integrated X-Band Power Amplifier Using Discrete GaN FETs (438KB)
TriQuint Backside Via Process of GaN Device Fabrication (238KB)
TriQuint Linearized PA Solution for 3G/4G Small Cells (364KB)
GaN Thermal Analysis For High-Performance Systems White Paper (1MB)