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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an innovator of high reliability RF and analog semiconductors. Leveraging core technologies, Skyworks offers diverse standard and custom products supporting automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, energy management, industrial, medical, military, networking, smartphone and tablet applications. The Company’s portfolio includes amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, front-end modules, hybrids, infrastructure RF subsystems, isolators, lighting and display solutions, mixers/demodulators, optocouplers, optoisolators, phase shifters, PLLs/synthesizers/VCOs, power dividers/combiners, power management devices, receivers, switches and technical ceramics.

Franchised Locations
  • Global - Circulators and Isolators
  • Americas
  • Asia



Application Notes

Using GaAs FETs as Control Devices (423KB)
Skyworks Intermodulation Distortion Measurements of Ferrites (185KB)
Skyworks Suggested PCB Land Pattern Designs (751KB)


Skyworks WiFi Connectivity Solutions Brochure (1MB)
Skyworks Aerospace and Defense Solutions (4MB)
Skyworks New Products (2MB)
Skyworks Semiconductor Discretes for RF-Microwave Applications Brochure (10MB)
Skyworks Wireless Infrastructure Solutions Brochure (4MB)
Skyworks Smart Energy Solutions Brochure (1MB)
Skyworks Quality Brochure (2MB)
Skyworks High Performance/High Reliability Semiconductor Discrete Devices (3MB)
Skyworks High Performance Schottky Diodes Brochure (3MB)
Skyworks Corporate Overview Brochure (1MB)
Skyworks CATV/Satcom Solutions Brochure (4MB)

Selector Guides

Skyworks Aerospace and Defense Solutions Selector Guide (717KB)
Skyworks Wireless Infrastructure Solutions (2MB)
Skyworks Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers Selector Guide (805KB)
Skyworks Product Selector Guide (9MB)

Supplier Documentation

Skyworks Power Management Solutions (924KB)
Skyworks Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers (1MB)
Skyworks PIN, Limiter, Schottky, Varactor Diodes (918KB)
Skyworks General Purpose RF Switches (1MB)
Skyworks Digital Attenuators with High Attenuation (673KB)

Technical Article

Technical Article-Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers (1MB)
Rethinking the Role of pHEMT Cascode Amplifiers in RF Design (76KB)
Low Noise Amplifier Design Methodology Summary (623KB)
100W High Power Silicon PIN Diode SPDT Switches (372KB)
Skyworks Selecting Ferrite Circulators for Radar Applications (618KB)

Video File

Skyworks - How Wireless Works
Skyworks New High Power PIN Diode Switches and Low Noise Amplifiers
New 50W and 100W High-Power SPDT Switches
About Skyworks

White Papers

Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers - Skyworks White Paper (1MB)
Skyworks Accurate System Level Design with LNAs (365KB)
Skyworks Low Cost Antenna Tuning using Skyworks PIN Diodes (407KB)
Skyworks Designing Ultra LNAs for Infrastructure Receiver Applications (1015KB)
Skyworks Choosing the Right RF Switches for Smart Mobile Device (Chinese) (3MB)
Skyworks Designing Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers for Infrastructure (1015KB)
Skyworks Ultra-Low Noise Figure High Gain Amplifier with High Linearity (794KB)
Skyworks WP E-Mode LNAs (Chinese) (1MB)
Skyworks Designing Flexible Software-Defined Radio Architectures (105KB)
Skyworks De-embedded Scattering Parameters (283KB)
Skyworks Choosing the Right RF Switches for Smart Mobile Device Application (2MB)
Skyworks Basics of Dual Fractional-N Synthesizers/PLLs (115KB)